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Synthetic Dreads

Falls are a fantastic option if you can't have the exciting hair that you want every day of the week. We all know the hassle of employers or schools insisting that your hair must look 'normal'! Well, you can keep that normal hair and keep them happy, then you can whack in a pair of brightly coloured falls as soon as you get home and be as outrageous as you like! 


At the moment I don't have any pictures of synthetic dread falls on a model. This picture only shows the dreads as they are when I buy them.


Plain Colours

Jet Black, Off Black, Darkest Brown, Honey Blonde, Light Pale Blonde, Mahogany Auburn, Flame, Silvery White, Yellow, Deep Purple, Burgundy, Dark Pink, Gold, Pink, Dark Blue, Red Creamy White, Light Green, Dark Green, Snow Pink, Purple Red (Magenta), Dark Pink, Snow White (Pure White)

UV Colours

Neon Lime (UV), Orange (UV), Purple (UV)

Plain Colours + Sparkly Thread 

(first colour is the solid colour- second is the thread colour)

Creamy White + Pink, Fluorescent Yellow + Orange, Platinum Blonde + Orange, Light Blue + Yellow, Purple + Pink, Pink + Purple, Purple Red  (Magenta) + Pink, Dark Green + Orange, Light Blonde + Purple, Pink + White 



Price (not inc P&P)

Synthetic dread falls





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