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As well as making falls, I also do extensions. I don't claim to be a professional by any means- I have no formal training whatsoever. But, if you live locally (Staffordshire) then I will put extensions in your hair for you for a very low price.

Examples of previous work:

Colinette Point Five

Colours used- Alizerine and Bonnard (pink and orange)

Before After

The technique I used here was box-braiding in the wool with the real hair then latch-hooking more wool at the roots to give more volume.


Colinette Point Five 2

Colours used- Turquoise

Same technique.



Wool Roving

Colours used- Red, purple, burgundy and black.

(Please excuse that nasty blue line down the photos and the poor quality- I had to scan in these photos as I didn't take them on my digital camera...)


Here, I began by box-braiding the roving at first then using a normal braid down one side for the rest of the way.

It's like a big portable pillow!


Braids with Synthetic Hair

Colours used- purple and burgundy

(Please excuse the poor quality- I had to scan in these photos as I didn't take them on my digital camera...)

For this client, I simply box braided synthetic hair to the end of her real hair then tied off with an elastic.


Synthetic (Elysee Star) dreads

Colours used- pink, pink with sparkle thread and black

For this style, I box-braid the hair a short way then do a standard braid down one side of the double ended dread so you end up with a plain dread and a braided dread from each section. then wrap off the bottom with thread or an elastic (your preference!)

Wool Wraps

Colours used- black

***awaiting pictures***

For wraps I braid the wool in with the real hair then wrap wool tightly around the braid so it's completely concealed. This style can be slightly heavier on the head than some others.




Approx. Price

(Price is dependent on thickness and length of the client's hair and the overall look required)

Colinette Point Five 25
Braids 20
Synthetic dreads (Elysee Star) 30
Wool Wraps 20
Wool Roving POA




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