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'Tube Hats'

Tube hats are really versatile. They are almost like a really huge headband, but they can do a lot more. If  you just put it on like it comes, it looks kind of like bandana, or you can fold it in half to make a really wide headband. Even better, if your head gets cold, put it on inside out, then twist it in the middle and fold it back on itself and pull it over your head to make a beanie.

Tube hats are great for hiding your real hair when your wearing falls, and seeing as all of ours are custom made to your specifications, you can have them any size, colour and fabric. (We even have leopard print fur....)

Unfortunately we're waiting for pictures at the moment, so I hope you understand my explanation! If you're interested in buying one or you just want to know more then please email me at the address at the bottom.

Prices are variable so please enquire!

Keep checking back for photos and more accessories to come...




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